2021 Conference Sessions

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Star Application Process – One Bite at a Time (Pre-Conference / Hybrid)

The Star Program Application process can be daunting, but don’t be a guppy! Swim with the Safety Sharks as we discuss the Star program, the benefits associated, and how to take the application journey one bite at a time.  All questions will be answered.


Presented by the Safety Sharks

Star Evaluation Process – What Really Happens (Pre-Conference / Hybrid)

The North Carolina Department of Labor’s Star staff will present an overview of the process involved in conducting a Star evaluation of a worksite.  The session will provide a summary of the requirements for participation in the Star Programs, the types of evaluations that the NCDOL Star staff may conduct, and expectations for the process, as well as the advantages of mentoring.  Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions at the conclusion of the session.  This session is intended for managers, safety committee members, frontline employees, and anyone else involved in coordinating the certification evaluation at their worksite. 


Presented by Safety NXS

Submitting Your Star Annual Report - Don’t lose your vision (or mind) writing your SAR for submission! (Pre-Conference / Hybrid)

Do you SEE yourself ready and prepared to submit your 2020 Star Annual Report (SAR)?  Like in football, you can achieve great things with a vision, defined goals, and the commitment and execution in writing your report.  Please join NCDOL’s Coach Evans and her panel of offensive coordinators for skill development in defeating report prep “blocks and tackles.”  Learn about conversations and adjustments made on the sidelines that will assist in giving companies the right tools for preparing their next SAR.


Coach Evans and the Safety Squad will review SAR requirements and share best practice strategies for success, such as information gathering, organization and content editing.  Not only will you receive insightful views on the Star Safety Program, you’ll walk away with an actionable plan for writing your Star Annual Report. We LOOK forward to seeing you there!

[Management Commitment and Leadership] Primal Leadership - Driving a Safety Culture Through Leadership Engagement (Hybrid)

This session will focus on management’s commitment to drive a safety culture from the top down.  Plant Managers, HR Managers, CEO’s, Presidents and other top management officials will discuss in a town hall forum what the Carolina Star Program means to their organizations and what benefits the program offers.  The Session will include 3 speakers across different industries each getting 10 minutes to present and followed up with a question-and-answer session.


Presented by the Safety Stars

[Employee Involvement & Participation] ENGAGE! (Hybrid)

We make engagement exciting!  This workshop is designed to provide tried and true employee engagement ideas to participants that are readily and easily implemented in any work environment.  Come ready to learn and have fun!


Presented by the Safety Squad

[Hazard Identification and Evaluation] Hazard EYEdentification (Hybrid)

Hazard identification usually starts with the sense of sight.  Come help us EYEdentify some of the most common hazards in a variety of different industries and learn ways to mitigate the risk associated with the hazards.


Presented by the Star Gazers

[Hazard Prevention and Control] - Double Jeopardy: Is 2020 Your Year? (Hybrid)

Join the Safety NXS Team as we face off in the ultimate game show challenge. Test your knowledge in our version of a popular game show. We will tackle a variety of workplace safety topics to see which team knows their stuff!

Our game show categories will be centered around workplace inspections, observations and safety investigations along with a variety of other topics. The winning team earns safety bragging rights during the conference.  Double Jeopardy: Is 2020 Your Year? Come join us and find out!


Presented by Safety NXS

[Safety & Health Training] - Safety Training for Safety Trainers - Making a Difference YOU can SEE! (Hybrid)

What is a training roadmap for safety professionals? The key to safety is in your hands, how you start is not always how you finish. In this audience driven training you can enhance your skills through use of modern technology, advance your personal development skills, and gain access to training resources. Learning to become more modernized can be essential, but it’s up to you to pick your poison.


Presented by the Safety Sharks

Emotional Stability, Taking Life’s Punches!

This session will stress the importance of your employees’ emotional stability and how it affects the workplace. An emotionally stable individual can remain calm and balanced even in stressful situations or a hectic environment. We will deliver education on how to become emotionally stable leaders and maintaining healthy work environments by acknowledging feelings of stress and frustration. Join us and improve the overall emotional intelligence of your organization.


Presented by the Safety Stars

Drone and Phones

This session will explore some of the new and exciting areas of technology that are currently changing the safety landscape. Technology’s irresistible drive forward pushes changes into the EHS field at an ever-increasing rate that is difficult to stay abreast of.  However, safety is one of those places where your choice of using yesterday’s technology could very well have adverse outcomes.


Presented by the Safety Stars

How do you change the world?

We learned last year that everything could change in a moment and you must be able to adapt with the changes, including how you conduct Safety Training.  In this session, you will learn ways to provide safety training in new ways using technology and other resources at your fingertips!  Learn to think outside the safety training box so that you can change the world!


Presented by the Safety Squad

Brother’s Keeper: Keep an EYE out on your brother!

The town is Visionville and the focus is on being your Brother’s Keeper at a company named End-Vision where some employees neglect to “keep an eye out on your brother.”

Watch as unfortunate mishaps of on-the-job distractions happen and keep an eye out for how choices and decisions at End-Vision turn bad as the team is sure to work through this conundrum and come up with a solution to their problems.  You will also listen to stories as some share their testimonies of past mishaps that demonstrate why being your Brother’s Keeper is something that everyone needs to keep an eye out for every day.

You should leave this breakout session with an understanding of the concept of “Keeping an eye out on your brother” in the workplace and what it means to be your Brother’s Keeper.


Presented by the Safety Squad

Emerging Hazards

As new products are developed and processes change, so do the hazards. Join us as we explore emerging hazards in the construction, manufacturing, industrial, and government sectors.


Presented by the Star Gazers

Ergomaniacs - Ergo makes the work go!

Take the struggle out of doing your work. Ergonomics is a constantly developing science aimed at making your work and life go easier.


Presented by the Star Gazers

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