Candace Carnahan, Safety Advocate

Closing Keynote Speaker

With wisdom and wit, Candace presents a new way to think about safety. Through the power of stories, she demonstrates how to use your voice – to see safety as an opportunity not just an obligation.

Having experienced a traumatic injury at the age of 21, Candace knows too well the impact it has not only on the worker, but also on everyone around them.

For 20 years Candace has been taking the stage sharing stories to companies of all sizes – and already more than half a million people have been moved by her personal experience of injury, resilience, and strength. The way she weaves safety seamlessly into storytelling that is relatable and memorable is what resonates and provokes real change in attitude and action.

Candace lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is a frequent traveler to clients in the manufacturing, transportation, energy, and production industries.

Ashley Waddey - Human and Organizational Performance Lead

Opening Speaker

A fast and effective way to learn more… Come hear how an RTP company is learning from those who do the work

Biogen has recently applied a new approach to learning about their operations. For significant events or complex tasks, Learning Teams are used to better understand the systems in which people work, in order to enhance safety and reliability. A Learning Team is a facilitated, open discussion that engages both those who perform a work activity and those who design the work. 

Especially when we experience a near-miss or outcome we did not want or expect, we want to make sure that we understand how we got there so we can improve for the next time. Learning can be challenging because what might at first appear to be a simple story is usually not – there are multiple conditions and factors, and many people with different perspectives involved. To learn more effectively, Biogen has applied the use of Learning Teams, which has increased our understanding of how work is done and the systems in which people work. This leads to more effective improvements, which address factors that are most impactful to safety and performance.

This tool uses open-ended questions, a Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) mindset, and leader support to create a psychologically safe space for discussion. This allows for a candid and context-rich dialogue, which enables effective operational learning and improvement. Come hear how Biogen has applied this approach and how your organization can achieve a similar outcome.


Ashley Waddey is the Human & Organizational Performance lead for US operations at Biogen. She has 17 years of experience in the biopharma industry, including roles in manufacturing, EHS, quality, & warehouse operations.

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